Vika and Yulia snorkeling

Vika and Yulia snorkeling

Running down the beach under a starlit sky, following the pale red light bobbing ahead of me, getting a little out of breath and feeling the sweat trickle down my neck. We're on turtle patrol on Playa Xpu Ha in the Riviera Maya, looking for nesting mamas to ensure that they are able to lay their eggs in peace and make their way back to the sea.

Guillermo Camarena of Animo-OneWorld is a man on a mission, his job during turtle nesting season to monitor the long stretch of beach on Playa Xpu Ha, tracking the nests, moving eggs to protected areas and educating tourists and locals alike in how to preserve and protect these incredible creatures. He invited us to shadow him for a night in his valiant conservation quest.


22 January 2015


Turtle Snorkeling

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The concept of snorkeling with two flotation devices, an adjustable seat, and a viewer was introduced just over 6 years ago as a freshwater family activity. 

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